Address Your Address List

Verify your recipients' addresses in Fort Collins, CO and Surrounding Areas

Your mailing list may not be as accurate as it could be. A few people may have used fake addresses, families may have moved away and employees may have made some errors while entering mailing data. United Mailing can help make your mailing data more accurate with data processing services. We use software to verify the addresses to help you create a more effective mailing list.

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Creating a conclusive mailing list

United Mailing uses the latest postal software to verify the addresses on your mailing lists. When address data is changed, it is updated and sent to a server that authenticates the mailing data with USPS. Our software communicates with these servers to find address changes, update the mailing list with the new address information, to where the list is now current and clean.

Get more accurate mailing information today by working with United Mailing.