How many pieces do I need to mail, to qualify for a BULK mailing?

To qualify for the discounted rate a mailing needs to have at least 200 mail pieces that are the same size and weight.

How long will it take to prepare my project for mailing?

We normally request 3 business days to complete an average job but can often finish it sooner. The quantity and complexity of your job may affect the actual turn-around times.

What mailing list file formats do you accept?

We accept lists in Microsoft Excel (.xls) and Comma Delimited, (.csv). Typically, First Name, Last Name, Company, Address, Address 2, City, State and Zip Code are all in their own column.

Can you provide a mailing list for potential customers?

Yes, we can. After we discuss certain criteria and/or demographics we are happy to pull a list report, which we can share with you and make any adjustments. Just let us know who your perfect client is, and we will find them. This is a nominal fee and is the foundation of any productive mailing.

Can you eliminate duplicate records on my file(s)?

A "duplicate record" means that there may be two Jane Doe's at 123 Main St in Denver, Colorado within one's database. Yes, we can. Files can be de-duplicated several ways: by exact match, by name, by address or one per household only to name a few. By de-duplicating your files you will save money on your printing and postage, by eliminating unneeded records. Besides de-duplicating addresses we can also find undeliverable addresses, per the United States Postal Service system, and can eliminate them. Again, this will save on printing and mailing costs.

What is NCOA (National Change of Address)?

While Millions of people in the United States alone change their address every year, it is very important to keep your list up to date with the new location of your contacts. The National Change of Address system (NCOA) uses the USPS database of all individuals and businesses. Change of Address information must have been submitted to the USPS. A NCOA update can save you money by eliminating contacts that are no longer at a specific address, on your list, and updating to the most current address. The NCOA system corrects the address prior to the mail being sent, so your contact will receive your mailer at their new address. If requested, we are happy to get the updated address list to you so that you can update your files.

What is the difference between First Class and Standard postage rates?

First-Class mail is typically a faster delivery time but is about twice as expensive than Standard Class. Nationwide delivery times for First Class average one- to seven-days and over 90 percent of First-Class mail is delivered the next day within the Fort Collins area. One other difference between First Class and Standard Class mail is that with First Class mail, the undeliverable mail, or incorrect addresses, are returned to the sender for FREE. Also, please remember that this postage class is needed when mailing bills, invoices, legal information or account information to a recipient.

Standard Class or Bulk Mail is a more economical way of mailing, but it may take longer to arrive. We see nationwide average delivery times of one- to two-weeks and local averages of two- to three-days. Sometimes, we even see next day delivery of Standard Mail. Think of Standard Mail as a low-cost alternative.

What is a mailing permit? Do I need to get my own permit for a BULK mailing?

A USPS mailing permit is a permit assigned by a specific Post Office for a particular class of bulk mailing. It allows one to enjoy postal discounts for bulk mailings. We have a Bulk/Standard Permit and a First-Class Permit. So, you will enjoy discounted postage on all your mailing projects.

Can you help me with my printing too?

Absolutely! We offer the latest in digital printing as well as fulfillment. We offer automation for folding, inserting, tabbing and hand assembly, as well. Many of our clients like our one-stop-shop convenience. Please give us a call and we will be happy to work with you.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we gladly accept VISA and MasterCard for mailing services, however, since the Post Office does not accept credit cards for postage, we typically include a handling fee on the postage portion of the invoice.